We are a group of agencies, organizations and community members who support parents and families with kids aged birth through six years in the Maples, Garden City, Riverbend, Rivergrove, West Kildonan, West St. Paul, Amber Trails, Aurora, Meadowland, and Highland Pointe areas.

We work together to connect the people raising our youngest community members with programs and services that build skills and knowledge in four areas:

  1. Positive parenting
  2. Nutrition, physical and mental health
  3. Literacy and learning
  4. Community capacity

Our collective offerings include parent-child programming, daycares, nursery schools, community recreation opportunities and health services – all key pieces in giving kids the best start on their road to becoming lifelong contributing citizens.

The Importance of Early Years

Research shows that experience-based brain development in the early years affects learning, behaviour and health throughout the life course (The Early Years Study, 1999).

Recognizing that parents are the first, most important and most lasting teachers in a child’s life, our activities create opportunities for parents and children to participate in quality programming together.

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Our Governance